Informations obout support, maintenance and renewal of fees

(patents, utility models, industrial designs)

UPV - Industrial Property Office in Prague -

Patents: legal protection relating to inventions that are industrially usable, new
and a result of inventive activity. The patent is valid for 20 years, but annual maintenance fees have to be paid. Within Europe, there is also a European patent granted by the European Patent Office. Patent filing is a lengthier process, which is a survey of databases. This survey is carried out by UPV (Industrial Property Office in Prague).

Utility patterns: Protects a new technical solution that is industrially usable and goes beyond mere professional skills. The utility model is valid for 4 years, it can be extended twice for a period of three years (max. 10 years). His enrollment is a matter of approx. 3 months.

Industrial Designs: Protects the visual properties or component of the product. The protection of the registered industrial design lasts for 5 years. It is to extend a total of 5 times (max. 25 years).

Trademarks: means a sign to distinguish identical products from different manufacturers or identical services from different entities operating in the service. Trademark is always associated with specific goods or services provided under this mark.
A trademark registered in the Czech Republic is valid only on its territory, but it can also be requested
on the international registration of a trademark at the World WIPO organization based in Geneva.

Designation of origin and geographical indications: this protection is used to protect goods of a certain quality, reputation-related characteristics, all linked to a defined geographical area. They represent the right to use such a designation to anyone who has the products
in the defined area it produces. It serves as a guarantee for consumers.

Warning! - Unauthorized claims for payments for intellectual property protection services (taken from UPV Praha -

CTT MENDELU warns MENDEL staff not to respond to offers of companies offering industrial rights services.

  • Institutes and faculties are recipients of unsolicited letters or emails from businesses requiring payment for industrial-related services. These companies offer, for different fees in different currencies, the publication, registration or registration of industrial rights in their registers or databases kept on the Internet. Please note that such services are not related to official registers or databases maintained by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (EPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) or the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) or the legal protection provided under the relevant legal regulations. If you receive a letter or invoice, please verify your source carefully and what is being offered to you. The non-use of the services offered does not have any legal effect on the validity of industrial rights.
  • Please note that the provision of professional assistance to natural and legal persons in industrial property matters is a profession reserved by patent law only under Section 2 of Act No. 417/2004 Coll. On Patent Attorneys. This means that the originator and industrial property owner acts directly or represented, but only by a registered patent attorney. Their list is maintained by the Chamber of Patent Representatives of the Czech Republic (
  • Please note that the abovementioned Authorities, Industrial Records Registrars, and their correspondence are administered by a non-mediated university through the Mendel Technology Transfer Center, which manages the industrial property of the University.
  • If you have any doubts or if you find any new case, please consult with the staff of the MENDEL Technology Transfer Center. Below are some sample business letters or indexes that have nothing to do with the registers or official publications of the IPP, EPO, OHIM, or the industrial rights management of MENDEL.
  • Illustration of Warning / For more information, please refer directly to the Industrial Property Office website - http: //

Legal services and services of a patent attorney for the needs of MENDELU - information on public contracts

CTT MENDELU implemented public contracts to provide legal services and services of a patent attorney.

Public service contract for a patent attorney

  • Duration: until 31 December 2018
  • Financial limit: 500 ths. without DPH
  • Supplier: Ing. Ivan Lukšíček

If you are interested in using services, please contact Dr. Přenosil - CTT MENDELU

Maintenance fees for patents

Mendel University in Brno through CTT MENDELU maintenance fees for the 1st to 5th year of patent validity. If you are interested in paying a maintenance fee, please do not hesitate to contact CTT MENDELU.

Extension of utility models and payment of related fees

CTT MENDELU pays extension of utility models when used under a valid license (or other) contract. Other cases are solved individually based on the originator's communication with CTT MENDEL staff. For more information contact CTT MENDELU.