School work - Student

CTT MENDELU, based on a legal opinion on the issue of school works, has prepared a procedure for students and supervisors of qualifying work to secure the university's agreement with the conclusion of a license agreement between the student, the author of the work and the company wishing to use this school work.

There is also a legal definition of the issue and a model license agreement including a methodological sheet for filling it out.


Legal definition of the issue of school works:

Attachment A - Output by Law, Internal Regulation

Attachment C - Computer programs

The student always arranges for himself / herself with the company how to realize his BP or DP output.

What is important is the possible employment relationship with the company - if he / she has a HPP / DPP or DP4 employment relationship, where the workflow is specified eg as a programmer or the BP / DP result is automatically specified by the company.


BP - bachelor thesis

DP - diploma thesis


CTT MENDELU, then you only need to inform about the company for which the output from BP or DP will be.

(address, seat, contact, focus of BP or DP, or whether the student has agreed on the License Agreement and its wording)


If you have any queries or explanations of each filled information contact CTT MENDELU.


In case the company / student requires a License Agreement:

Yellow-colored - choose a suitable variant !!!

Sample License Agreement (Student x Company)

Methodology sheet to complete a sample license agreement