Department of technology transfer MENDELU

DTT MENDELU is a specialized workplace that takes care of the protection of intellectual property, analysis, development and utilization of the commercial potential of intellectual property of the university. At the same time, it provides professional business and partnership communication with the industry.

The aim of the Department is to extend and intensify the cooperation of the university with companies interested in using special instrumentation and laboratory equipment or the knowledge potential and scientific results of the university. At the same time, we want to support the establishment of new strategic partnerships in research and development.
  • recommending an appropriate type of legal security (utility model, industrial design, trademark, patent)
  • methodological support of inventors for the disclosure of the invention
  • advice on issues of management of results and use of research and development results

Analyzes of the industrial legal status in cooperation with the patent attorney

  • product patents, patent analyzes
  • submission of the application
  • research of novelty of knowledge, patent research
  • analysis of patent restrictions (material, regional, time)
  • ensuring administrative requirements (request for reconsideration, changes in the register, renewal, etc.)
  • processing of applications (utility model, industrial design, trademark, patent)

Direct representation of clients before the authorities

  • The Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (ÚPV)
  • European Patent Office (EPO)

Technology transfer services

  • negotiations with patent representatives and authorities in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • licensing and contracting
  • transfer of knowledge, experience and know-how
  • education of scientists and students in the field of industrial and legal protection

Technology Transfer - An Opportunity and Necessity for the Czech University (brochure HERE to download).